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Who wants this ”Sprinkle sugar maker❓

Hanae stahl Marshmallow Sprinkle Sugar Maker 1 food styling still life photography No size was available

+ Compared to chicken in a can.....

creepy dolls, canned barbie doll parts, pink food can, labeled Barbie,

Go green.

ENERGY is a conceptual food photography series based on sources of energy by Buenos Aires-based food stylist Anna Keville Joyce. While food is indeed a reliable source of energy, here the artist pl

Drugs that the world desperately need. The most crucial is Empathy and Love.   Artwork By : Valerio Loi

Emotional Medicine: Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace Drugs. Contemporary Art by Valerio Loi.

The french fancy inside the round recess annoys me though. Colourful content creation by Marianne Taylor.