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I'm not in school anymore soooo Imma watch bts all I want.

Ok but on said New Year (a holiday) BTS decided ro perform in NY time at the rocking new years eve show.

BTS ~❤️ // [EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ AMAs 2017

When the teacher asks you why you haven’t done your homework.and you’d spent the entire weekend binge watching anime and Korean dramas so you just.

(2nd post) okay just imagine laying down on his chest while wrapping your arms around his neck and cuddling up to the crook of neck at the same time. While he has his arms wrapped around you. While playing on his phone.  (Boi. That was long)

If this ain't all the army's watching bts videos, i don't even know.

Friends: Don't be so dramatic. Me:

Reakcje BTS

If they made a drama about their lives hahaha that would be bomb

I would definitely wanna watch it. Its weird but it reminds me of my best friends and my humble self. we´re just as weird af as them. probably even weirder and more dramatic haha

they obviously haven’t learnt their lesson *deep sigh*>>> alright this calls for desperate measures we need to beat it into their empty heads!

well yoongi showed them who doesn’t lip sync in mic drop :))

I know it happened, I pinned this a looooong time ago.

First it was Rap Monster, Suga, V, Jungkook, Jin than on BTS American Hustle Life it was Jimin & now its J Hopes turn.

Maknae are always brave as compared to hyungs!! xD #jikook

Maknae are always brave as compared to hyungs!! xD

Run BTS! - EP.3 [놀이공원]

Run BTS! - EP.3 [놀이공원]