Inspirations Pinterest: Ambiances de pique-niques


My dream Julep color is purple with copper glitter. This shows the mix of colors beautifully!

Riparian Picnic Setting.. love the pillows, makes it more luxurious!

When I'm stressed, I'll imagine this :) Lovely Summer picnic :)~via Elizabeth Rodford / Dining outside / outdoors / al fresco / backyard / umbrella / romantic

Lavender <3

Lavender fields ~I cannot even imagine the amazing aroma of the lavender. How I wold love to be the one with the basket full of lavender. One day, my momma and I will go to a lavender field. And one day, I will have a gigantic bush at our home!

A picnic in the country by loveliegreenie

A perfect location for a perfect picnic. Sidney can't help it if picnics are better with a companion.


What i wish and yearn for myself. I wish upon you, later i shall rise and step onto the waters my hands filled with pebbles. Throw it until it create magical ripples kissing your feet on thee other side of the world.

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Butterfly flower mix - Echium vulgare ‘Blue Bedder’ (Annual Bugloss) Linaria ‘Canon Went’ Verbena bonariensis

There are colors that stir the soul - yellow is that color for me - Chris Mott - www.mottivation.com

Yummy Yellow bloom on Sunny Yellow backdrop brightens one's mood at every glance!

a lavender-field concert? yes, please!

Cozy Canadian Cottage: Lay It Out In Lavender❥ The violin is my all-time favorite instrument