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Top Hiking Trails in Southern California

sea cave of 1000 steps beach

1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach

The ultimate California hike!

Drive to 27200 Winding Way Malibu, CA You will see a small parking lot on the right side of the road. This whimsical place is Escondido Falls, or "Malibu Waterfall Hike," as everyone likes to call it.

El Dorado Nature Center -- 7550 E. Spring Street in Long Beach For nature lovers looking for short and sweet walking trails, the El Dorado Nature Center is the perfect destination. Trail length ranges from 1 to 3 miles at this outdoor oasis in SoCal.

The 13 Places You Should Go In Southern California In 2017

Looking for a short hike in Southern California that's under 5 miles? Check out this list of awesome trails in SoCal that you can hike in less than 3 hours.

10 Popular Hikes in Orange County    Article Tab: A panoramic view from Peters Canyon.

Ten popular hikes in Orange County

Here are 10 popular hikes in Orange County for the summer offered through the Orange County Hiking Club. FOUR EASY BEGINNER HIKES Upper Newport Back Bay The hike: 752 acres of easy hiking trails…

Top 10 Best Southern California Waterfalls - our list of the best we've visited

Fish Canyon Falls maybe our favorite local waterfall. Strangely enough however, we hadn't visited this waterfall during all the years we had been waterfalling until the Spring of