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Not too sure about that theory of yours about him, are you? Otherwise why are you steady watching and studying us for clues to validate your hopes and prayers that he is really just an asshole. Because then your fantasy idea that you are such a prize an

sometimes the first step to forgiveness is understanding the other person is a complete idiot. and then you lose trust in their ability to parent. never ends...

Sometimes the first step to forgiveness is understanding the other person is a complete idiot. (funny, and sometimes true!

Stop saying "Everything happens for a reason." It's called causality & is a basic law of physics.

Funny Quote: Eveything Happens For A Reason, But Sometimes The Reason Is That You’re Stupid And You Make Bad Decision - Funny Quotes


I am an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste

It takes me a LONG time to get to this point. Be careful in your relationships. Being trustworthy is an invaluable asset to any relationship.

If I deem you untrustworthy, you automatically become a waste of time to me.

dont worry your gossip ugly ass will get what you deserve one day!

Don’t sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone’s true colors. Lack of character always reveals itself in the end.

My last relationship Lol She def thought nobody knew she was obsessed with homegirl daughter

This is very true.Ive went through very many friends. and very many bfs. i always thought there was something wrong with me. // Gemini can detach themselves from someone so easily.

You can't litter negativity everywhere and then wonder why you've got a trashy life.

You can’t litter negativity everywhere and then wonder you you’ve got a trashy life.

<insert evil laugh>

My father taught me to be nice first because you can always be mean later. But once you've been mean to someone, they won't believe the nice anymore. So, be nice; be nice until it's time to stop being nice, then destroy them.

Exactly!!!!! You created my hate towards you all by yourself!

I know too many who do this. Poor you . How pathetic it is to play victim to the shit you created. Now you wanna cry about it ! Please bitch you have NO IDEA the tricks I have up my sleeves ! Just be patient. Like I said I DONT PLAY GAMES I WIN THEM !