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Cannabis cures cancer~ ₪•BE•₪ ~

17 Marijuana Snacks To Eat During The Stoner Bowl

Now you know!

Inflammation is a key factor in most age-related illnesses. Components of Cannabis are proven to reduce inflammation. Stop treating people like criminals. Make Cannabis legal.

100%. I've only been a smoker five years.  Been fighting for fifteen.

I believe that we should fully investigate medical opportunities.


Injected THC cures tumors in 2 studies. I've heard rumors, I wonder if this is true?


Rick Simpson cannabis oil is a type of hemp oil formulated by medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson.


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AMEN,we need relief that is 100% natural,not manmade!

There should be No Crime in seeking a Natural Treatment with a Plant. The Marijuana/Cannabis Plant has been proven to be Safer than any Pharmaceutical and it is successful in treating a vast array of Illnesses.


Cannabis kills cancer cells and the government know yet deny us access and even criminalise us.