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Cannabis' Health-Improving Potential For Americans

Many people died due to alcohol and it is still legal and available freely. No deaths, cures many diseases still Marijuana & Cannabis is illegal and is not available freely. What you think it should be declarded legal by government?

Recap: Here’s 30 recent studies on the effects of marijuana

Recap: Here’s 30 recent studies on the effects of marijuana

Marijuana legalization: Colorado Springs is among the cities debating whether to allow retail sales of marijuana for recreational use. New Hampshire may soon be the state to support marijuana legalization for medical use.

A Brief History of Hemp

Another argument that political groups use is that the marijuana plant and the hemp plant look alike. Therefore making it too difficult for law enforcement to tell apart.

Cannabis info facts truths

A NATURAL plant that works better than prescription drugs, should NOT be illegal!

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15 Things to Know About Marijuana – Infographic on http://www.bestinfographic.co.uk

15 Things You Should Know About Marijuana. For thousands of years, marijuana or cannabis has been used for different purposes, including medicinal purposes. Check out some interesting facts about it: {Infographic}

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Marijuana Works Better Than Opiates To Control Pain: Here’s How