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frogopera: “ saw one of those aesthetic outfit posts with the colors of these three!

#StevenUniverse, #SU, #Aquamarine By GalaxyCosmicNavy

Check this out

#StevenUniverse, #SU, #Aquamarine By GalaxyCosmicNavy

wanted to finish something up between commissions :’) beach babes make my world go round. Art by http://eunnieboo.tumblr.com/

eunnieboo: “wanted to finish something up between commissions :’) beach babes make my world go round ”

Steven Universe - Stevonnie

* I drew all the fusions and you can kinda see which ones I spent more time on lol.

Holly Blue, Steven Universe, Agate, Birth, Births, Agates

YES!!! Can't wait for the Steve-nuke to hit!!!

Steven Universe Summer of Steven News Roundup [Last Update: July This…

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steven universe

Meet Steven Universe, the half-human, half-“Gem” star of the show. He’s being raised and trained by a group of extraterrestial beings called the Crystal Gems.

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honestly, i don't really like greg all that much. i hope pearl and greg can become friends.

Diamond Autorities

Diamond Autorities

Diamond Authorities everywhere! Thought I’d take a stab at designing the Homeworld Diamonds pre-Rose’s rebellion. And also pre-Rose being a decent person. I’ve headcanoned that.

Steven Universe, Celestial, Amethyst, Amethysts

Everyone has their bad days and Steven Universe is there as a shining star to brighten the day. Description from christianquinnpro.wordpress.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Steven Universe new episodes announced (correction) - Polygonclockmenumore-arrow : Now, everyone can see me burning

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