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Ok, this is AMAZING!! It would take forever and cost way too.much for me though. I'd love this in honor of my (step) dad!!

Lion black and white Tattoo Artist - A.d. Lion tattoos, get the right artist and they are FUCKING AMAZING.

Im forever trying to catch a photo like this of the most beautiful and irritating birds on earth.

Magpie - One of the most intelligent birds, bossy but so beautiful. I welcome them to my habitat! And yes, it is illegal to kill them in Utah, so suck it up and enjoy this gorgeous smarty-pants!

Incredible Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop by Jerry Uelsmann

Incredible Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

Build your house on a strong foundation and it will last. Roots of trees grasping at mother earth is one of the strongest things out there. Great feathering/fading from the house to the roots. The coloring is accurate as well.

Silhouette and prints by Trudy Cook. Like the queen and getting foreign stamps to do countries

Postage stamp silhouettes: Fairly certain I was signed up for a mail order stamp collection at my Dad's. (Now, as for the mail order quarter collection.