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Why did most of my favourite characters have to be killed off in Danganronpa 2???? I mean Gundam was my favourite and I totally shipped him with Sonia... Nevermind

Super Dangan Ronpa 2 There's only a game Here are the characters in order: I A M T O O L A Z Y

Why can't they be ok - Dangan Ronpa - DR3 future - DR3 hope - Gud art

Danganronpa~~Future Arc~~Despair arc~~Hope arc~~Ultra Despair Girls~~End Of Hopes Peak Academy~~

Artist: Watari Taichi (artist) | Dangan Ronpa | Asahina Aoi | Celestia Ludenberg | Fujisaki Chihiro | Fukawa Touko | Hagakure Yasuhiro | Ishimaru Kiyotaka | Kirigiri Kyouko | Naegi Makoto | Oogami Sakura | Togami Byakuya | Yamada Hifumi

This is such a sweet piece of fanart, I don't think the artist left any scene out!

Can't believe they forgot my love Koizumi but hey, I like Kigiri, Hinata & co

[b]Voiced by: Ogata Megumi[/b] Zerochan has Komaeda Nagito images. Komaeda Nagito is a character from Super Danganronpa

Danganronpa genderbends

Dangan Ronpa Genderbender I could totally date Enosima and Hukawa.

Dangan Ronpa

dangan Ronpa the animation all girls. If you have watched this already or played the game you know one of them is a trap