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what is this Hermes thing.is it the Hummer of vintage bikes?

I really need a bike with a basket, and a girls frame...

These are so cool! Maybe if I had a family of my own to take like Saturday bike rides together thru town or along the beach (depending on the hardness of the sand) or boardwalk or something.

Shinola 'Bixby' in Mauve

Beach Cruiser Bike / Shinola Bixby (omg shinola bike colors are perfect)

melon pink + mint:

A Bridal Brunch from Briana Marie

mint green and pink pastel watermelon bikes - Inspirations photo Audrey Kitching

Betty, vintage Dutch bicycles from BEG  – so cool & retro! (and a nice website too)

I want. to ride around town. near the beach, past coffee shops and people, to the library, to a friends house. to the farmers market, to the flower shop . to wherever I choose to cruise.

Under the theory of "the right number of bicycles one should own is n+1", I think I need a ballet-slipper pink bike. Yes? Oui.

Indigo Crossing, hate the basket. Black traditional would be best for the basket!

more = http://pinterest.com/knowingjesus/

Pride Prejudice - "Mary, try to sparkle a little." Keep calm and sparkle.

Vespa scooter in bright Pink!

Hot pink is the crave all these while,Kawa is the next cool shit for girls & Vespa is the hot stuff recently. I see so many people riding vespa whenever i

Vespa - Oh that I could find one in exactly this shade of pink. I'm in love.

a pink Vespa? Could I be that brave? I would have to learn to ride a scooter and be brave enough to try it in public? We'll see!