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I think the door can actually think itself, it is probably charmed to think about stuff, and people can ask the door questions about homework(muggleborns about muggle home work)

If only Harry could've spent a little more time with Uncle Moony. I know Sirius was his godfather, but James meant a lot to Remus too.

Harry Potter can make me cry even after all these years. <<< Harry needed Professor Lupin not Uncle Moony :'(

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Another reason to read the books; you movie only people think your the iconic hp fans?? Tell me this... who is teddy lupin and who is mother? U can't can you?

People keep going on about Albus Severus and how Harry should have named his son after Lupin but HE ALREADY HAD A SON NAMED AFTER HIM. Teddy Remus Lupin was a part of the family. < also, he could've wanted teddy to name his son after Remus

Being literal.

Being literal.

Slytherin vs Gryffindor

How to tell Gryffindor and Slytherin apart. While Hufflepuff would have just slowly closed the door with teary eyes, and Ravenclaw would’ve let the door open just a little so that there is a crack to annoy you.

This makes me very very happy. <----- As a firm believer in second chances, I approve. (lol this is so cute)

This makes me very very happy. <----- As a firm believer in second chances, I approve. (lol this is so cute) JK said later though that Dudley didn't have a magical child

I can so see this happening.

Snape was only a hero because of his love for Lily. Regulus made the choice to be a hero on his own with no incentive. Regulus is the true hero of Slytherin.


'nobody has heard the hufflepuff war cry and survived' excuse me while I die of laughter in the corner


harry potter - ravenclaws See now this, this sounds like me. I can never tell if I'm Ravenclaws or Hufflepuff.