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Yoonmin because they’re cute💕✨

Happy New year ARMYs ❤️✨

2017 was the first full year as an army for me and I am proud to say that I loved every second of it.

Don't mess with him

Translation: Jimin: *writes* Min Yoongi is dumb Suga: Park Jimin.

This is actually really clever << yet I still feel like armys tend to overanalyze and it just means bag

BTS <Mic Drop> second meaning

Read Wallpaper from the story Imagine BTS (Terminada) by ChirleiArmy (Chirley) with reads.

@OliviaHenning||This is old but I couldn't resist pinning this because of their smiles

A part of "Wings" photoshoot like this, is just pleasant.for the ARMYs, they get to see their idols smiling🙂😘

This is me everyday because bangtan ruined my life #bts

Jungkook’s face (they should make an emoji of this face) Basically me everyday

JiHope: sunshines of Bts

JiHope: sunshines of Bts

Suga will always judge lmao ahaha Yoongi give Jimin some loveee

Im Laughing @ Yoongi's reaction :Yoongi be judging Jimin from his scalp to freaking palm of his feet.