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Cutie Pie Puggle

Look at those eyes :( awwh

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I'm not a love of pugs or dogs with squashed faces in general, but there's something very endearing about a puggle.

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Puggle jessicalynn_h

Puggle information, what is a puggle? Although technically not a dog breed pocket puggles are very cute!

Puggle puppy

Tis is my new puggle puppy

oh my goodness. I need a puggle.

I'm a Pug + Beagle = Puggle.I'm adorable!


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Top 20 Cutest Dog Breeds around the World

Puggle: crossbreed between Beagle & Pug. 18 Cutest In the World.

Another Odie look a like ;)

My heart just melted

Luna the puggle puppy

Luna the adorable 'Puggle' puppy (Pug/Beagle mix)

this looks like the "mini bulldog" (pug/bulldog mix) i saw at the pet store and want!

Puggle - pug/beagle mix I want one !

OMG, puggles are just so cute!

OMG, puggles are just so cute

Puggles are the sweet, loyal and get along well with people of all ages and other pets! Love our girl!

Puggle I wonder if he would be as naughty as my beagle...

Is there anything cuter than a puggle? A puggle destroying a hacky sack! I must get one (puggle, that is)!

Puggles <3 MUST HAVE SOON Everything you need to know about beagles

I wonder if this is what Rue looked like as a puppy!

I love Puggles they are so adorable!  This what mine looks like most of the day LOL! So cute

Puggles - they are so adorable! Two puppies may sleep alot - but not as adolescents and adults!

Pug and Beagle Puggle= my Woo is the best

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