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when the dream team chansoo exceeded all expectations 1

best of exomentary: when the dream team chanyeol & kyungsoo exceeded all expectations


Donald Trump would deport this joke


Just meme it!

kekekeke now this is so epic~! keke Lay oppa lets get high together~ kekekeke ~ and thank you Chen kekek~

aww kris but lol, its definitely a love thing they got going on hahaha xD #exo #chanyeol #kris

It's like me when my hair is in a ponytail (when I turn my head, it whacks someone in the face) :D

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Chanyeol looks so fucking happy when he saw the chandara banner xD

I see no difference

Did you see this?

they will take over the world together - squishy- // see no difference xDD