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Hammer time!!!!!!!

Hammer time!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I think this would be hilarious.

12 Great Laughs to Kickstart Your Day

Would have been such a funny prank to pull on Dad when he was still pastor at Knollwood!

Episcopal Church memes on Facebook

Funny Hell Toupee Bald Unbelievers Joke Picture - As for you bald unbelievers. oh, I promise you, there's Hell Toupee, said the devil Satan

Cornered by Baldwin

Cornered by Baldwin

Sounds about right.. heehee

"We learned the fourth commandment: 'humor thy father and thy mother.

Being Real

Do you have this in a size for people who actually eat funny fashion / shopping cartoon

Getting 3 kids out the door every Sunday while the phone rings from that one annoying person who knows you are trying to leave.

Whoever wrote the phrase "Easy Like Sunday Morning" obviously never had to get a child (or ready for Mass.