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Inspired by the naïve and quirky simplicity of medieval woodcuts, this handmade linocut print of a wolf is one of a limited edition run of and

Fortitude (Die Sterck), from The Seven Virtues - Hans Burgkmair  (German, Augsburg 1473–1531 Augsburg)

Fortitude (Die Sterck), from The Seven Virtues - Hans Burgkmair (German, Augsburg Augsburg)

Hans Sebald Behem - Sol, the Sun

(Hans) Sebald Beham, Sol, the Sun. The Seven Planets with the Signs of the Zodiac.

Tree and Dog by Eric Gill

“An extremely rare proof printed in black and red on Chine volant. Conceived as a design for the press mark of the Pigotts Press, the block was also used on the back of the dust-jacket of the first.

"Der Glaub", Serie "Die sieben Tugenden", c.1510, Hans Burgmair der Ältere (1473-1531) Public Domain

Whole-length female figure holding a chalice and host in her left hand and Christ on the cross in her right hand; from a series of seven woodcuts. Woodcut, a modern Derschau impression

windwrinkle: Moon Walk by Angela Harding Linocut & Silkscreen

Moon Walk by Angela Harding Linocut & Silkscreen. I remember Lino cut printing back in the day, didn't turn out this good though.

Owl No. 40

Owl No. 40

.A harpy by Melchior Lorck,c. 1582

Harpy - Book illustration of an unidentified mythical, bird-like creature with a long tail and human head, wearing a hat with two long feathers. Taken from a series of 127 woodcuts by Melchior Lorck, German, 1582

Lino Print by Barbara Hanrahan

'Tiger lady' from "Twelve linocuts," a suite of prints by Australian artist and printmaker Barbara Hanrahan Linocut, edition of x cm. via Art Gallery NSW

The Story of the Hero Makoma - The Orange Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, 1906

Mythology and Folklore Readings: Myth-Folklore Unit: African Stories from Lang's Fairy Books. Stories of human heroes like brave little Motikatika and the the mighty Makoma, along with stories of the trickster jackal and his two sons.