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I've said it once, I'll say it again. #truth

Beauty is based who you are inside not out looks go away but a beautiful heart is forever.

Pink Ribbon

The best thing you can do is to keep going. Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart. Sometimes you have to go through the worst, to arrive at your best. Yes, life is tough, but you are tougher.

OMG this is so accurate for her! Is it weird that I wish I could just help her...maybe offer the advice and point of view she may be missing from her friends? I have been through so much in my life...and experience definitely merits the ability to give good advice. Trust me when I say, I have been there... Exactly where you are & have felt exactly what you feel and it is awful & crippling. The only way to rid yourself of that feeling is to accept what is & release control...good will follow.

Sometimes the most painful lessons are delivered by someone masquerading as a soul mate.

Let no one discourage your ambitious attitude. You don’t need a fan club to achieve your goals. Be your own motivation.

In Voyage of the Dawn Treader Reepacheep says "Extraodinary things happen to extraordinary people." Love both of these

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. Lewis I have my fingers crossed :)

Successful people never worry about what others are doing

Successful people don't care what other people are doing because they stay focused on their dream and never take NO for an answer.


It was one thing to be attacked by someone you hated, but this was something else. This was the kind of hurt that could only be inflicted by someone you loved, who you thought loved you. It was sort of like being stabbed from the inside out.