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It's for the first time somebody's death was sooo elaborated. I could feel every emotion. This is the first time I really cries for a character. That's him, Newt

😭😭😭😭😭So good it adds a little appreciation to what happened on page 250 but you know I just ripped that page out and pretend that newts life turned out good and that he got a cure and his story is part of Americas greatest mysteries

the maze runner - the scorch trials

the maze runner - the scorch trials

I was okay. I was heartbroken and a little teary-eyed watching this part, but I was okay... And then I saw Newt crying and I started bawling

Yes I just cried at Chuck's death in the book even though I've seen the film and knew it was coming. It wasn't his actual death te broke me, it was that Thomas said "I promised him! I promised him if get him home!

Me all the time

This acts is from the chronicles of Narnia The dawn treader but this is not that movie does anyone know what movie this is?

Same Will, same. I too see Thomas Brodie Sangster everywhere

The Maze Runner Cast (Dylan O'Brien_Thomas, Kaya Scodelario_Teresa, Thomas Sangster_Newt, Will Poulter_Gally)

hishe the maze runner - Google Search

My heart broke at the first sentence of the lyrics, partly because I recognized the sad song and partly because of the characters.