Umberto Boccioni love this one! What a fluid movement in such an industrial and hard setting. Futurism whatwhat

“A good work of art keeps on becoming new at any different time and era.” —Rashid Rana on Umberto Boccioni’s “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space.” Umberto Boccioni (Italian, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, cast

P idea: stile on black. Like this. Parts of baby infant. Head it's a human.  #Dance #Movement #Veil

Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama has an interesting series of photos simply titled, “Nude.” Each image shows an abstract flesh-colored shape that’s created by a nude subject dancing in front of the camera. Although the photographs look like long

Futurism -----------------------Niña corriendo en el balcón (1912), Giacomo Balla. Técnica que prentende representar el movimiento.

images mémoire: Giacomo Balla, Bambina che corre su un balcone

"Light Being" is a psychedelic wall decor piece, attuned with reiki healing energy out of my chakra art line of original digital designs. This abstract art digital painting would be a beautiful additi

Psychedelic Wall Decor, Chakra Art, Digital Design, Reiki Healing, "Light Being"

this is how beautiful we are on the inside if we just let it shine thru to the outside Psychedelic Wall Decor, Chakra Art, Digital Design, Reiki Healing, ""Light Being""

Umberto Boccioni. Pintura | arocenablow arocenablow.blogspot.com384 × 585Buscar por imagen Umberto Boccioni -La madre malata, 1908

Umberto Boccioni, La madre malata (The sick mother) Pastello su carta (Pastel…

Unknown Person  ·  Drone Selfie  ·  2017  ·  Instagram  ·  #saltywings

Unknown Person · Drone Selfie · 2017 · Instagram · #saltywings

Pagan Winter Festival Costume

Pagan Costumes of EuropeThese photographs are part of the “Wilder Mann” series by French photographer Charles Fréger. He traveled through 19 European countries to capture what he calls “tribal.

Andy Goldsworthy.  Looks like an abstract snowman to me!  : )

Andy Goldsworthy, OBE is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist producing site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. He lives and works in Scotland.

Umberto Boccioni_ Young Man on a Riverbank, 1902

art-centric: “Umberto Boccioni (It. Young Man on a Riverbank Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York ”