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Grandfather mountain
I WANT THESE STAIRS love them completely. Wooden tread, simple handrail and balustrade. BY Michaelis Boyd Associates
The bleeding of water colour paint creates an object of volume and a marbled effect as the colours blend together.
If you like making process art and trying new painting techniques with kids, keep this watercolour monster craft in mind for the next rainy afternoon. They are guaranteed to brighten your day!
These stunning, twinkling lights are a MUST HAVE for your home or bedroom! Safe…
I think geometric designs are cool, but I'm not sure if they'll be too edgy for the room I'm trying to create.
This project grew out of an extensive research program on antique Caucasian Azerbaijan carpets. Hundreds of antique Caucasian rugs have been analyzed to determine the essential features of antique Caucasian Azerbaijani rugs. Traveling to some remote mountain villages of Azerbaijan, after all this time where traditional patterns and weaving techniques still survived, to meet old weavers trying to figure out their recipes and techniques also helped a lot towards the development of the project.
Tactile Table- explosions- Crackle Foam POPS and fizzles between fingers while kids play. Sensory play with sound effects- SUPER FUN!