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This is how beautiful Greek Artifacts truly can be!

Oil flask (alabastron) - Culture Greek Period Archaic Period, Middle Corinthian about 600–575 B.C.

Oil flask (alabastron) - Culture Greek Period Archaic Period, Middle Corinthian about B.

Ancient Agora: Greek Pottery

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ancient Greek ceramics

Ancient Resource: Ancient Greek Pottery and Attic Athens Ceramics

Pottery: Panathenaic amphora; Athena between two Doric columns topped by figures of Triptolemus in chariot; inscription TONATHENETHENATHLON to left of Athena, KITTOS EPOISEN to right. Classical Greek (late) 365BC-360BC (circa). © The Trustees of the British Museum

Panathenaic prize amphora, signed by the potter Kittos. Greek, made in Athens about BC Found at Teucheira, Cyrenaica (modern Libya) A prize for a victor at the Athenian games

An Attic red-figure stamnos from Vulci c. 480-450 BCE depicting the myth of Odysseus tied to his ship's mast in order to resist the enchanting song of the Sirens. The episode occurs during the hero's long voyage home to Ithaka following the end of the Trojan War. Interestingly, the vase shows one Siren descending into the sea which possibly references the legend that the Sirens would die if any sailors ever successfully escaped their clutches. (British Museum, London).

this red-figured stamnos attributed to: The Siren Painter Attic, ca. Red-figured stamnos "The Siren Vase" Museum