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Hmm....well, he could start through example.

This is Chuck Schumer. One of the most anti-gun Senators in Washington DC. Chucky has a Conceal/Carry Permit.

Obama did NOTHING

Can you say double standard and cover-up? thk::::::::::::::That;s not double standard! It was all planned by the Black Emperor and when things were wrong, the actors needed to be sacrificed.

Get into heaven

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY The persecution of Christians in America is a sad thing. Hypocrisy at work people! It is time to do something about this while there is still a little hope this country is savable, but we have to do it quick!

Twitter / sherrysamples: THIS IS JUST WRONG @James Barnes Barnes Barnes Alford Obama ...

Sherry Samples on

Barack Hussien Obama Administration gives USA Soldier Muslim that murders fellow soldiers full pay, housing, food etc., but a USA soldier guy expressing his freedom of speech Obama kicks out of the Marines and no pay. OBAMA is not a fair person.

Actually, I come from a military family, my dad is a colonel (as high as you can get in the Air Force without being a general), so I would know better than anyone, and putting ur hand over your heart is not actually required.

A picture tells it all, the real Michelle Obama. Notice Michelle does not have her hand over her heart? Notice her sulking face? The picture was taken on Veteran's Day ***** what a pitiful First Lady! This is not the first picture of her like this!

They both got away with total corruption and race baiting!

Obama & Holder - The Reason the Constitution was Written


~~ Muslims at American colleges get prayer rooms - they attend Catholic…


In his 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt. Obama said "I Am One Of You" (in Arabic). with No English subs or text.

Meet Tom Donilon, Obama's National Security Advisor. Tom is the guy who leaked the identity of Seal Team 6. Tom is still employed.

Tom's the guy who leaked the identity of SEAL Team 6 and got them killed. Might as well have murdered them himself. Tom is still employed by Democrats. What the hell does THAT tell you about century Democrats.


An Obama Fun Fact : . (how about 'Obama out of Pres office due to fraud? that would be a fun fact too!


Lying is not a sin in islam if its used for deception of the Infidel. They think anyone that is not a Muslim is an Infidel, so they lie to all non-Muslims.

DISGUSTING LIAR! Neither he, Michelle nor their kids EAT MONSANTO'S GMO foods and yet they FORCE everyone else in America to???

Obama Double Speak On GMO Food At Monsanto. Just another reason that I don't. Agree with Obama as president.


You work for me. Why don't you tell me why the DHS think they need a billion rounds of ammo?

SOROS...The ultimate FACE of EVIL INCARNATE.  He is the MONEY and the PUPPETEER behind the OBAMA Administration.  HE ALREADY HAS GIVEN HIS SUPPORT TO KILLERY KLINTON.   just saying

George Soros: /Puppet Master ~~ 'NAZI' ~~ WHY are people not looking at the FACTS? WAKE UP! One of the puppet masters who is pulling all the strings.

I believe only the President and Secretary of State out rank a 4 star. (But I could be wrong)

Read this about General Carter Ham who was in Benghazi on resisted the Obama Stand Down order and was relieved of his command w/in minutes. Obama wanted those 4 Americans to die.

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Patrick Henry Before the Virginia House of Burgesses, painted by Peter F. Rothermel in A painting of Patrick Henry's "If this be treason, make the most of it!" speech against the Stamp Act of Peter F.