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Honda_S90_Cafe_Racer_HTerry_Moto-Mucci+(2).JPG (1600×1200)

Honda_S90_Cafe_Racer_HTerry_Moto-Mucci+(2).JPG (1600×1200)

@arjanvandenboom and one of his recent builds, a... - CROIG

and one of his recent builds, a blacked out Honda Brat Cafe. This guy continues coming out with some killer builds nonstop, keep it up! Photo by.

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Brat Style, Cafe Racer, Honda CB sevenfifty, Father and son winter project coming to live

Beautiful Honda CB750 #CafeRacer 1972 by Thirteen And Company. Muy guapo el acabado de óxido y el tapizado del asiento de esta #Honda | caferacerpasion.com

Maybe if JFK hadn’t kept his cool in those crucial thirteen days at the height of the Cold War and a nuclear holocaust had eventuated, this is the sort of post apocalyptic motorcycle the Russ…