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Awwww....Flower Corgi by sandara http://www.deviantart.com/art/Flower-Corgi-541896809?utm_content=buffer35c86&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer #digitalart #dogs #cute

I was painting this halfway and I realized.it looks like the corgi version of AlectorFencer 's plant spirit. XD -------------------------------------------------------------- PSD available in my .

Dogs are social creatures. In addition to spending time with their human family members, pups also like to socialize with other dogs. Dog parks provide the perfect venue for pooches to play and exercise with other dogs in a safe and controlled setting. However, introducing a puppy to the dog park scene might cause a …

How to make your dog social

How to Make Your Dog Social. Is your dog a bit anti-social? Get him to come out of his shell!

4 Tools to Improve #SocialMediaMarketing | by DholakiyaPratik | #SMM | by Pratik Dholakiya for Social Media Examiner

4 Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing : Social Media Examiner

I got Fennec Fox! What Should Be Your New Favorite Animal? You are artistic, creative, and so lovely. Just like the fennec fox! Fennec foxes have giant ears that can be up to six inches. They’re social little buddies and will live in communities with all their fox friends. Even cuter? They purr when they are happy :)

What Animal Should Be Your New Favorite?

I got Fennec Fox! What Should Be Your New Favorite Animal?

So It Turns Out The CIA Collects Programs For Forging Russian Hacking Fingerprints…