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Temple B’nai Tikvah is a whimsical, joyous and serene place, unlike any other synagogue in Calgary. Dark wooden pews were removed and replaced with moveable chairs. The umbrella-like installation, created by artist Jeff Deboer, represents larger versions of the kippah, a head covering worn by members of the congregation during prayer. The large, central canopy symbolizes Shabbat, the Jewish holy day of rest that begins at sunset on Friday.   #calgaryfaith #jewish #worship #calgary

This post-modern designed synagogue in Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, one of the newest Jewish centers in North America was opened in 2011 and is called B’nai Tikvah

The interior of Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem

Old Jerusalem Hurva Synagogue Morning Prayer ("Shacharit"), Israel

Synagogue Mikve Israel-Emanuel in Curaçao. One of the oldest synagogues in the western hemisphere.

Synagogue Mikve Israel-Emanuel in Curaçao. The oldest synagogue in the western hemisphere and my favorite one ever. The floor is sand and the building itself, inside and out, is beautiful.

Synagogue Buffault a Paris

Synagogue Buffault a Paris

Touro Synagogue - 1763, is the oldest synagogue in the United States. A structure of exquisite beauty and design, steeped in history, is considered one of the ten most architecturally distinguished buildings of 18th century America and the most significant Jewish building in the U.S. Founded in 1658 by the descendants of Jewish families who fled the Inquisitions in Spain and Portugal and who themselves left the Caribbean seeking the greater religious tolerance that Rhode Island offered.

The Touro Synagogue is a 1763 synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island, that is the oldest synagogue building still standing in the United States, the oldest surviving Jewish synagogue building in North America.

Vista aérea del templo en Querétaro / Foto: Ramiro Valencia

Querétaro, una ciudad señorial

Vista aérea del templo en Querétaro / Foto: Ramiro Valencia

repurposed church, now Buddhist temple

Buddhist Temple, Photo Storage, Iglesias, Mosques, Buddhists, Monuments, Buddha, Worship, Repurposed

Cavaillon Synagogue

15 Best Things to Do in Cavaillon (France)