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Kinkshame Bunny Corcoran

Kinkshame Bunny Corcoran

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Donald Trump would deport this joke

rwby comic, Coco x Velvet, Crosshares/Chocolate Bunny

RWBY "I'm going to adopt this entire team!" Lol taiyang

"I'm going to adopt this entire team!"

I'm pretty sure they both have parents. Well, Weiss would want to get away from her father. I THINK we got a good glimpse of Blake's parents in the Volume 4 Opening. Don't believe mee? take a good look at the two people by Blake after Sun appears.

Unlimited Bunny works I CRIED when she used Penny's sabers!

Unlimited Bunny works

RWBY : Unlimited Blade Works by - Velvet and her holographic copy-cat weapons

What, more CrossHares? Don't mind if I do!

What, more CrossHares? Don't mind if I do!

One of my absolute favorite headcannons of this show

This is cute, although I think it would be hard to hide Velvet's bunny ears under a hat

RWBY: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme----> Pyrrha has lost it

RWBY: Image Gallery

I can't wait to see Velvet's weapon! And if it really is a killer explosive bunny, that would be awesome!

RWBY - The Bunny Bomb Theory >>> or a Monty Python-type bunny, with teeth like THIS :[ XD>>> lol it's not as awesome at what it really is tho