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"Why does she have so many band-aids on?" He asked. "She's a knife juggler," I replied. "A bad one I take it?" I gave him a curious look, "No, an excellent one. It's just--this carnival--it does things to people." "How do you mean?" "She made a mistake once in a show and the crowd cheered. Since that day she purposely messes up." @stripesocks49

Band Aids were invented 135 years ago today! National Band Aid Day may be the most unappreciated day in the world. Very few people stop to think about the man who created Band aids, the little miracle

Cordialement, birdie

Dayton smirked once his eyes met my hand, "Really?" He asked, "Teddy bears holding balloons? With cartoon monsters next to it?

Person: does finger guns at me  Me: fucking pull the trigger you coward

person: *does finger guns at me* ayyyy / me: fucking pull the trigger you coward

barry orvin ☹ ριитєяєѕт : ѕωχяи-ιи ☹

I had to recreate a picture of me when i was younger for a project.


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