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"Purple Beauty" is a wonderful variety of purple pepper, producing thick fleshed fruits that will add color to any meal. What's better than a pepper that's both beautiful AND delicious?

Purple beauty produces prolific amounts of beautiful purple bell peppers on compact, bushy plants. Crisp texture and mild, sweet flavour makes this a popular sweet pepper choice.

Red Habanero Hot Pepper Live Plant. 5" in 2.5" Pot Online Evergreen http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RNH2R9U/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_cQ57ub0WPPQYK

Scoville Rating: - SHU Another of the hottest chili peppers, Habanero chili peppers produce a heat with intense effects.

Asparagus is a member of the Lily family of long-lived, storage-rooted perennial. Says The Trusty Gardener, "When you stop harvesting the spears – which are the growing stems – the plants continue to send up new spears that grow and spread out into this wonderful, fluffy fern. You must allow the fern to collect sun and make sugars by photosynthesis to send down to the roots so the plant will have lots of energy to make lots more delicious spears for next year." Grows well with tomatoes.

After harvesting asparagus, allow the fern to grow collect sun make sugars so the will have lots of energy to make lots more delicious spears for next year.

SHTF Medical Tip of the Day: Blackberry Bushes ( Have you been wasting resources by only picking berries? )

Pickin' blackberries for a cobbler, or pour some milk over them with a little sugar added, or make ice cream with them… yummmmm

The perfect slicing tomato. These heirloom giants can grow up to 2 pounds each, making them an excellent addition to any meal. Just plant them out in full sunlight and wait for a wonderful harvest!

Beefsteak Tomato boy-oh-boy

Large Yellow Round Pawpaw - Carica Papaya - Tropical Fruit - 5 Seeds

What's in season - December - How To Guides - Ingredients - Find out which fruit and vegetables are at their best during the festive season.

Wild Black Cherry Fruit Tree - Prunus Serotina - 5 Seeds

Wild Black Cherry Fruit Tree - Prunus Serotina - 5 Seeds


Dwarf Summer Crookneck Squash - 3 grams - Heirloom, Open-Pollinated, non-Hybrid Victory Seeds

Orange Bell Pepper

Orange bell peppers grilled or roasted OR cut up and tossed with pasta (purple?) with orange tomatoes and feta with pasta toss dressing.

Heirloom peppers

Pepper Cultivars, read more about colorful edibles for your garden on In the Garden by Mariani