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I just realised he's friends with Grayson Dolan and his nephew is called Greyson?

MAGCON i don't know who made this edit, but the person who made this is totally a genius ❤️

Lol I found this and I was like this is cute ng ng Nash Grier Daigle Daigle Daigle Dallas

Some random Viners on Vine. I love Nash Grier. <3 ---- WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME THEY ARE NOT "SOME VINERS ON VINE"

Nash Grier, Matthew Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Carter Reynolds, Jack Gilinsky and Aaron Carpenter

Matt Espinosa!

Matt Espinosa, your smile gives me life and kills me (everything that kills me makes me feel alive)

Look, you should've stayed with me! Your so stupid! There is no way possible you could ever be safe with Luke *punches beth multiple times in the side*

Holy fucking fuck ♡ I love you so much nash grier ♥♥♥