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For real

But seriously. I would have to throw my phone my computer my school note books and binders and more away lol<<<< omg same. My phone is basically a tracking device

4 years ago 5sos became 5sos. I want to thank Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Micheal Clifford, and Luke Hemmings for showing me what music is. I also wanted to thank @marythebeckwith for leading me to love this band. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! #4freakingyearsof5secondsofsummer You dorks kept me going! Your music was always there...... And I hope it's like that for a really REALLY long time . Cause idk if I could get along with out you losers!

My favourite band EVER. Luke Hemmings<<< Wait, the bands name is Luke Hemmings? THIS IS NEWS TO ME. So now they're called 5 Seconds of Luke Hemmings instead of 5 Seconds of Summer?

Luke Hemmings

"You only find him attractive because he's a famous band member.- bitch please if Luke or any of them for that matter went to my high school I'd have a crush on him from here to freaking Antarctica thank you very much. (Me: SAME, GURL.

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There's only 3 girls because the is supposed to be you! That's why they keep looking at the camera! amnesia makes me cry. i cant do it

SAY IT. The other day i had a dream that mikey got put in jail for something he didnt do and me and the other 3 had to get him out and i woke up crying :(

Every band member is important! Would BVB be the same without C.C or Ashley? Noooo it wouldn't and PTV wouldn't be the same without Mike or Jaime. Every member matters!<<<Don't forget about Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman in F.