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I just got an idea: Take all the discarded couches from Craigslist, and put them at bus stops that don't have benches!

I was promised fun words.

I was promised fun words.

Tan lines from another typical summer activity drum corps - Meme Guy"

Tourism 2015

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that's me!! I beat 2 games and bought 10 new ones at the winter sale. LOL  #steam

Dorkly Comic: After the Steam Sale

Well shit.

Noticed This On My Way To… Everywhere // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Craziness! Looking for things to do in Kyuushuu (九州) particularly around Nagasaki (長崎県) & Fukuoka (福岡県)

Giant Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops Line Streets in Japan

This advertisement is funny! At first we may not realise why we raise our hand... until a taxi stops in front of you ready for business. :D

Inspiration Gallery #040 — Creative ads

Best ad ever. Taxi ad in a bus stop! So clever! Someone's marketing department is ads commercial commercial ads ads ads

A bus stop's gotta keep warm too! #mollietakeover

Yarn Pintershizz is the Bomb

now thats what I call a bobble hat bus stop for ramblers no doubt . Bus stop yarn bomb art hat. Must have taken a looong time to knit!

Dear Metro, WE NEED THIS. Lurve, People Who Would Ride The Bus More Often If There Were Swings At The Transit Centers.

Montreal bus stops…

Funny pictures about Montreal bus stops. Oh, and cool pics about Montreal bus stops. Also, Montreal bus stops.

Amazing Bus Stop(s) Around The World, USA (16 Pictures) | Most Beautiful Pages

Cool Bus Stops around the World

"Swing & Be Free, project by Bruno Taylor of adults used to play on the streets when they were young, only of children do so now. This project by 'Bruno Taylor' is a study into different ways of bringing play back into public space.