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André Breton portant la cible dessinée par Francis Picabia au festival Dada, 1920. @Deidra Brocké Wallace

André Breton at a Dada festival in Paris, March 27 1920 wearing a slogan by Francis Picabia: "In order to love something you need to have seen and heard it for a long time bunch of idiots.

the moment when u grab the mic.. when i get to sing its one of the best moments i can say i love and had. Maybe to some people it may not show how passionate i am about singing but its my top priorities in life. When i dont sing its like i cant breath and when i do i get the breath of fresh air especially knowing that i do for God and with an amazing gift hes given to me. to some it may not be but to me personally it is <3

without this i would also go crazy i gotta sing in my mic once in awhile =)

Carole Lombard - October 1939 on the telephone in her Hollywood home

Old Hollywood: At home with the stars - myLusciousLife

Carole Lombard Actress Carol Lombard talking on telephone as lies on rug w. cup of coffee at home. Location: Hollywood, CA, US Date taken: October 1938 Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt