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Soft Serve Volleyball - Volleyball - Skreened T-sh ($26.99)

Such an awesome shirt! Soft Serve Volleyball - Volleyball - Skreened T-sh (USD j.m Glathar For you, since I cant serve to save my life.

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This one kid at my school told me that volleyball was so easy and that all you do is stand there. And I threatened to hit/spike the top of his head so hard that his spinal chord would break and he would be paralyzed forever

No running? I hate when my friends tell me volleyball shouldn't even be considered a sport! All because they think you dont even move when playing volleyball, thats not even close to true.

We're more than you think

You tell me any other sport is a work out and I will laugh in your face. Volleyball girls never give up we may look weak but we have to strength of a tiger in the inside!:) So true!

Ladies Collegiate Alabama  Roll Tide Bama Fan Burnout Tshirt DTG. $24.99, via Etsy.

If You Wanted A Soft Serve, You Should Have Gone To Dairy Queen! Volleyball shirt on Etsy,

Pratt loves an afternoon stroll in the park. His waddle is all the rage amongst Society ladies. #greypoupon

Not just a messy bun, but anything I do to my hair before bed is perfect. It's so annoying!

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Teenager Post Is your heart supposed to pound for ten minutes straight after you answer one question in class.