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"You can't force someone to behave. The only person you can control is you." - Dave Ramsey

The best thing you can do for a struggling friend is to walk alongside them in love and understanding. (Via Dave Ramsey, thank you :))

An encouragement

There is no easy path in life that you won't end up paying for later. Discipline today leads to more options tomorrow. Your choices today matter more than anything else.

Focus on what really matters.

You'll never be happy if you chase money and stuff all your life, but you can find true joy through giving and serving others.

Working together on your money WILL make your marriage better.

If married couples sit down and work together on money, they will achieve a level of unity that can make marriage event better.

"You can avoid buyer's remorse by sleeping on big money decisions." - Dave Ramsey

You can avoid buyer's remorse by sleeping on big money decisions. If you are meant to buy it, it will be there tomorrow.

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Dave Ramsey: Saving Money isn't about bigger and better things. It's about being prepared to take care of your family

DaVE RaMSEY ___marriage

Don't let money problems tear down your marriage. Use discussion and understanding as an opportunity to grow closer.

God<3 without God in my life i don't even know where i would be! confused for one and lost. But life is soo much different and better just because He is in my life and is in control!

"Dear God, Thank you for this beautiful life and please, forgive me, if I don't love it enough." Pray, be grateful and thankful of all you have and have had. Every experience is lesson have faith!