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He was right all along…

He was right all along…

Einstein nailed it. Not really humorous, but it is some interesting food for thought. Perhaps it is morbidly funny.

Warning letter issued by a government agency in Mozambique

Great! http://bestfreebiefinder.com/free-essence-of-beauty-shea-indulgence-radiant-butter-scrub/

Terribly good puns (16 photos)

Mascara is smart. Mascara knows they are all needed and wanted. Mascara is sassy and classy. Be like Mascara.

Just Viral Funniest Pictures of the Day 5

36 Just Viral Funniest Pictures of the Day

Crap cat joke of the day

Crap Cat Joke Of The Day - Funny Memes and Jokes at

Dog's can't operate an MRI machine. but cats can. Our Crap Cat Joke of the day - Check out more funny jokes and memes at Slapwank!

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