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Bettie Christ

I'm Rubén. A Mexican guy of 20 years, I have trouble remembering the past and.

deep dark fears

An anonymous fear submitted to deep dark fears. Just trying to draw like Helen Jo today. One of my favorite webcomics. The artist illustrates people's fears.


The Goddamn Batman is looking damn great in this old school logo redesign by Brandon Schaefer. Related Rampages: Shaun of the Dead

Who doesn't love a little blasphemy

French artist Soasig Chamaillard has filled the pews with a few very recognizable pop icons including My Little Mary, Super Mary and of course, my favorite, Hello Mary.

Disney Princesses After Dark- something wrong as well as right about this

Disney Princesses in Lingerie

Disney Princesses pin up style. Good god, I love pin up girls way too much. I'd love to get a Disney Princess pin up tattoo. I love Pin ups and Disney.

"If there's something strange.in the neighborhood. Who ya gonna call.