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sad,  true

There's always 1 song that makes you think of a time, a place, a person. that's the sort of song that will resound forever in your life.

some time a little music does the body right  gypsy princess

And she turns up the music, to drown out her life. When life gets hectic, it is music that pulls me back.

It's not #goodbye that hurts the most.. It's the #flashbacks that follow

This isn't completely true. The goodbye hurt a lot, but I could never have imagined how painful the flashbacks would be.

Just one of those days :( trying to do it all.... and nothings going right kinda day.....  just wish I could do stuff again.... I  know there are worse things in the world than a shattered ankle... but for today... I'd just like to be lil ole me....

Sometimes when I say “I’m okay”, I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight, and say, “I know you’re not.” I just need to take a deep breath and take one step at a time.

This is so true for me. Whether it is a song to express my pain or broken heart whether it is a happy song that I sing along to or a song from when someone loved me and we danced to it. I have so many favorites for so many reasons and we all do!

Behind every girls favorite song there is an untold story. This is so true. My favorite song is Lost It All. by BVB

Music quote

I love music because it's the only thing that hasn't walked away from me when I needed it most. And neither will God.

The top song is physically impossible to play by yourself. Aside from not actually being at all intelligible, there are several parts where you'd need a few extra hands. But I do get the comedic reference:3

Funny pictures about How music reading works. Oh, and cool pics about How music reading works. Also, How music reading works.