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26 Comic Strips That'll Have You Laughing Out Loud

berry break 203 Take a BERRY Break photos)

LOL Halloween

Halloween Jokes for Adults


my new disclaimer for all my friendships

Grrrrrls: 5 fun (gardening) facts for friday | Garden Humor ...

Grrrrrls: 5 fun (gardening) facts for friday

Tulip bulb #garden #humor - Best Buds Gardening Cartoon fridge magnets by Swisstoons

Tulip bulb - Best Buds Gardening Cartoon fridge magnets by Swisstoons

Too funny

Funny Joke Pictures : Old Man Internet Microwave Cartoon

Someecards - ecard - Mother - Dysfunction - for child

Sums up my parenting style perfectly.

Tiffy Pop!  Here is the one you talking about, Ha ha, I freaking love it, snort snort!

"No officer my speech is not slurred.I'm just talking cursive"

#lungs #running #needair #lungdistance #theawkwardyeti #run

#lungs #running #needair #lungdistance #theawkwardyeti #run

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Asparagus tips - wise vegetables

Color blind much?

I JUST had a student tell me this joke!! I love it!  I'm gonna use this joke.

The most awesome images on the Internet

What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? "Bison" I love punny jokes!

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OMG omg Steve

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#booksforever #humor

I keep it real!

(L)"Hey, nice e-Reader." (R) "Oh, thanks. It's ----" (L) smacks the e-Reader out of (R)'s hand and it falls to the floor. (L) "I keep it real, muthafucka!" takes off his shirt and reveals a tattoo of a book on his chest with the words above "Books 4 Lyfe"