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Bonnyville, Alberta Attractions

A fighter jet taking off from a runway-Canadian Hornets participated in combat during the Gulf War

Real(Mislabeled) - Captioned as: "B-52 Breaking the Sound Barrier" - This is a B-52 Bomber flying thru a moisture/condensation barrier at subsonic speed.... another link: http://www.spacewar.com/reports/Boeing_B52_With_CONECT_Upgrade_Accomplishes_First_Test_Flight_999.html and discussion in comments: https://reposti.com/p/V7 (644 mph top speed for B-52(I don't know about secret versions.) vs 768 mph speed of sound.)

Boeing "Stratofortress"breaking the sound barrier. I can't believe my grandfather flew that giant Bomber.

Switzerland - Air Force McDonnell Douglas FA-18C Hornet - cropped//A Swiss Air Force F/A-18 Hornet at Axalp Air Show

Switzerland - Air Force McDonnell Douglas Hornet - cropped//A Swiss Air Force Hornet at Axalp Air Show

Half Tracks / Aerial Vehicles A pair of U.S. Marine Corps Bell Boeing MV-22B Ospreys from the VMM-363 “Red Lions” at Devils Tower, Wyoming.

A pair of U. Marine Corps Bell Boeing Ospreys of the “Red Lions” at Devils Tower, Wyoming. This photo by Ted Carlson was an honorable mention in the 2013 Vertical Photo Contest. by kristy

Beaucoup d'observateurs et de scientifiques s'accordent à dire que l'armée de l'air américaine possède depuis plus de dix ans, un appareil opérationnel ayant des caractéristiques extraordinaires. En effet, au début des années 1990, les services Russes...

New US Air Force planes- Hughs Aircraft planes with ION Engine. I'll still believe this is CGI unless there's proof it actually exists.

Recalibrate altimeter.

Russian Air Force Sukhoi Flanker-C demonstrator flying less than a meter above the runway of Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport, China

All sizes | 120612-F-MQ656-074 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Fighting Falcon, with its distinguishing kidney-shaped air intake beneath the fuselage


this is the dreaded and fear-inspiring Bomber. Nuke capable and can roll in the weeds like nothing before it-MAKE IT UNMANNED, WINNER!