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Eridan Ampora ^o^

Eridan Ampora ^o^

Homestuck lands as people! I see... Wind and Shade, Light and Rain, Heat and Clockwork, Frost and Frogs, Crypts and Helium, Pyramids and Neon, Tomds and Krypton, Mounds and Xenon, Pulse and Haze, Little Cubes and Tea, Ray and Frogs, Quartz and Melody, Sand and Zephyr (I think), Wrath and Angels, Dew and Glass.

Homestuck lands as people. Wind and Shade, Light and Rain, Heat and Clockwork…

Im pinning this again because it doesn't work with Mituna+Kurloz and Terezi+Vriska

I accord this idea. My fan troll wears a scarf in her moirail's colour

Grub homestuck. fuck every thing on the grubs. they are cute

Even grub Karkat is an asshole.>>>are you referring to this comic? Cause that's Sollux and Mituna

why do Dave have a heart on his shirt?

LOL homestuck Dave Strider bro strider bro Dirk Strider dirk<<<<<<< Dave would you please stop impersonating Equius?<< not ok bro.

LET'S KILL EVERYONE [sign-ups] (Broken Hourglass)

i am in spades and hearts with this fucker god damn it eridan stop being a douche pls

fishass. also nice art style

I love this troll so much for some reason. (He's my patron troll!