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RIP Robin Williams.

♥ Robin Williams - RIP - gone far too soon, and you have sooo not any idea how much you are going to be missed. someone said 'Robin - make God laugh' and if someone can, you can.yes, you were one of a kind.

Yes....absolutely correct.....!!! For me and my IN*U.

Relationships last longer when no body knows your business. ~ plus it's not like it will be kept a secret.people you don't even know will know all about you and what goes on in your relationship, like my bff for example :p

Stay strong my friend. You know who you are.

Over 2333 people liked this! tough people pull themselves up by the boot straps when they hit hard luck and they stay strong and they keep on fighting like they dont know how to lose. tough times dont last, tough people do.

you are greater than you think!!!!

Happy Friday to all TransFitters! Remember this: "The task ahead of you is NEVER greater than the strength within you." You are a child of God.

Being a Christian is pretty nice too.. lol

I had manners. I was fairly attractive. I was funny. My life fell apart when I was diagnosed with stupid fucking breast cancer. I don't give a fuck if I have manners, my looks were destroyed. I lost my sense of humor.

OMG -- these entitled little snits.  My son, 33, and works with middle school kids, and he said it's a good thing they didn't have me as a mom, because they would be missing teeth with the way they were speaking to adults!

"I'm afraid of a world run by adults who were never spanked as kids and got trophies just for participating." - So true!

SO true. This is the general message of "The 5 Love Languages." Can't give that book enough praise.

From Bare Footed Pagan on FB

The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.- This is why God made me want to teach Special Ed

Been though that. Learn to be yourself and not care what others think and only surround yourself by those who bring you UP, not put you down. Those aren't real friends.

don't keep people ın your life who insistently point out your insecurities with their dirty fingers! ''I have insecurities, of course, but I don't hang out with anyone who points them out to me'' - Adele


You don't need to be perfect to inspire others. Inspire others with your ability to deal and treat your imperfections.

Money can't buy class. Keep that in mind :)

There are some things money can't buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.


so true! Thanks to all of my true friends.you make life so much better! And thanks to my family members that are also friends :)

Truth. .. know it and you will find you don't put up with people's bs or under valuing you.

"If you don't know your own worth and value, then do not expect someone else to calculate it for you." ✽ ~ Know your worth and value, learn to love yourself despite your flaws and shortcomings. Remember, you are wonderfully made!

Don't talk about other people's sins... Because they sin differently then you, no one is a saint!

Counting other people’s sins doesn’t make you a saint. It makes you an asshole. (via Nutty Times)