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my favourite parts are the ‘-shawn mendez’ and ‘-adam sandler’ bits because I just really love people randomly bumping into celebrities it’s like my favourite thing although it is yet to happen to me

tag yourself I'm "intoxicated group of indian tourists that tried to convince me one if them was from the life of pi" < the gang that offered her drugs and talked about Death Note with her was my favorite


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That's actually pretty cool

That's actually pretty cool

Funny pictures about So this kid gave Adam Sandler a t-shirt. Oh, and cool pics about So this kid gave Adam Sandler a t-shirt. Also, So this kid gave Adam Sandler a t-shirt.

Not much of a fan of Adam Sandler -but i watched this movie for jenniffer anniston

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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler - Just Go With it.favorite Adam Sandler movie by far

Even back then people were more accepting than now....and the comedians thing is ridiculous but WHY ARE WE SO....STUPID? we can't figure out how pyramids were made (not exactly) and now this?!? (There are other examples)

Go ahead be happy! You're gay? Sure whatever it's not marriage but being together is fine. You're different races? You make people laugh for a living? For shame! You will never marry here!

The Wedding Singer, one of the sweetest things ever :)

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First Dance Song from one of Pat's fav movies! YES! i wanna grow old with you.

•Curiosity Killed The Cat•

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what the fuck this is a shot from an adam sandler movie this is from click what the fuck what the actual fuck

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and then i do a thing where i full on aCT OUT SCENES and i have to calm down and remind myself that what people are seeing is me mumbling dialogue to something that doesn't even exist