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so cute i just keep watching it over and over again<<< I love jow Louis tries to get in the middle of it sooooo sweet

She is officially the luckiest girl in the world^^ I love how they all do this cute shuffle to get into the group hug :)

Nicely done Harry.

That was a bit intense, sorry. i love this interview it has my three favorite people Harry, Niall, and Zoe (Zoella) :)!

This is me. Just a slight difference is I don't break anything.

my banana was missing<< hahahaha oh please yo were about to murder us

Omg!!!! Idk if I should be laughing or freaking out because Niall fell so I'm going to do both

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah , I can't stop laughing at Louis' face poor Niall


Harry will always be our Harry, and he is one of the most adorable guy ever and Liam is just in the background saying "Oh no"

Ik this isn't the real things but like, yesssss

Harry’s face tho he all like . zayn we talked about this.

Favorite pic so cute

and best one direction picture of all time award goes to this one! I love how they're giving her like all their attention it's so cute!