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I got a backstroke for days! My admin is really obsessed with Music, Anime&Manga and black things.♥

The Top 10 male anime characters that fans want to marry as a June Bride, according anime Animeanime.

Free - Nagisa and Rei. The second expression is him looking at Nagisa like he is the most beautiful thing in the world, and it kills me.


Text Posts - they call me coffee Ha Ha Ha laughing so hard at Haru's


Makoto<< I did one of those birthday scenario things and it said he hated me for some reason ;

Free! ES ~~ Rin gets roped into giving free hugs. The results are hilarious!

ES ~~ Rin gets roped into giving free hugs. Sorry Sousuke but RinHaru FTW!

This is why i live. They are so cute with each others rand I don't even have words to describe Makoto.

Cute MakoHaru mini comic This is too freaking cute!

ho water san

Don't worry Haruka-senpai Water-san already noticed you! Thanks random person, you are amazing.