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Andy, I love him either way

Andy Biersack / Andy Sixx Just because he has changed, doesn't mean he is a different person.

Awww so cute

"Here's to the kids that choose to be raised by bands" Pierce the veil, Of mice and Men, Bring me the Horizon, Sleeping with Sirens. Music❤❤❤ I totally agree.

#andybiersack love him so much I wanna die lol BITCH WHERE!

Andy Biersack is a god. The whole band are too hot to be allowed.

#AndyBVB #BVBarmy

I dont really listen to bvb that much anymore but i admire andy so much and what he and the rest of the band have done for their fans. Their all really amazing people

can someone explain how this happened????? >>> that shit got his own ass in jail XD so stfu and look at who the real fucking saviours are!

Aha really? He's a dumb fuck making 'swag' moves and dumb ass videos! Aha this world is fucked to the nines and black veil brides is a awesome band so.