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My kind of aromatherapy;)

A scent that can ease anxiety promote a sensation of security calmness and control in any uncomfortable situation

Simple, beautiful and easy: Dollar store project! Stacked glass bowls -- different color or flower in each bowl

what deer?I know this is photo-shopped but reminds me of my husband napping under tree while hunting.woke to find a deer watching him

Amen brother! These politicians forgot how government works and what the Constitution means! We DON'T have to show a NEED to exercise a constitutional right guaranteed to us! It's guaranteed you fucking moron politicians!

You work for me. Why don't you tell me why the DHS think they need a billion rounds of ammo?

Do you think this man went into a gun store, filled out the paperwork for a background check, and was approved to purchase a gun?  Don't think so....but stealing the guns from someone else is most likely the case.  Criminals don't follow the law!  Good people with guns can stop bad people with guns....let us remember that!

Do you think this man went into a gun store, filled out the paperwork for a…

This is so true but the anti's like Moms and Shannon just don't understand the reality.

Leonard Nimoy is an American actor best known for his role of Spock in the original Star Trek series. Appearing in the "Spock: Challenge" video.

school shooting #guncontrol #guns

Ever heard of the Pearl River, MS Shooting? This 16 year old kid was stopped by Assistant Principal Joel Myrick and his Colt 1911 pistol, retrieved from his car. Did the Gun Free Zone law stop this nut? Did an armed citizen with a

Take note America, history repeats itself when people are arrogant enough to think the same choices will turn out differently in their hands.

A scary political statement that harkens back to a horrifying time period. Not really inspiration, but these quotes couldn't fit anywhere else. Just a reminder that history tends to repeat itself.

Big media outlets only report what fits the preferred narrative.

The public only knew about the Trayvon Martin case because it was a "white on black hate" crime. Nobody knows about a "black on white hate" crime because that would be racist

This makes so much sense, yet no one sees it!

Funny pictures about The thing about guns. Oh, and cool pics about The thing about guns. Also, The thing about guns.