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Looking Back: Off Grid Teenager

I grew up off-grid before we started farming. My favorite off grid channels are: O.

Homesteading and Off Grid with a Special Needs Child

Brad and Christa from the Big Family Homestead discuss the challenges involved with homesteading and an off grid life with a special needs child.

A Fan That Generates Its Own Power TEG Power

Brad got Christa a cool birthday present- A fan the generates it's own electricity. A TEG fan. It uses the difference in temperature to generate DC power and.

Flame gives off a lovely soft light that helps transition into sleep rather than amping you up.

Going Off-Grid at 60! - YouTube

Want to go off-grid but think it's only for young hippies? They have a business plan and are making it without solar!

I used one of these little portable washers for clothe diapers as a young mother. What fun to discover that in an off grid situation it is actually practical.

My Mom Should Be a Doctor - YouTube

A video with my mom and my little sister talking about how we grew up. For those who haven't watched my videos we were homeschooled and raised on a farm.

Dehydrating Garlic on the Wood Cookstove

Sure it's still summertime, but we are already harvesting some of our garlic. These were great videos, and good reminders, about how to store garlic for the .

Creating Topsoil With a Scythe

We started with cobblestones and silt. Now we have pastures that the milk goats can't keep up with.and we didn't use synthetic fertilizers or huge amount o.

Raising rabbits By Linda Gabris  -    "If you take pride and pleasure in growing your own organic garden foods and raising your own chemical-free meats, then consider rabbits." -Linda Gabris  Everything you wanted to know about rabbits is here. Housing your rabbits, Feeding your rabbits, Breeding, Raising healthy rabbits, Butchering, and even Recipes.

Food Source :) Domestic rabbits are an easy-to-raise, reliable meat animal that's ready for table use in about 90 days.

The GreenHouse Gallery! At the Living Farm

Lynn of The Living Farm takes us on a tour of her many greenhouses, all powered by different forms of alternative energy, using the sun in different ways to .