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"Catchupa refogod"_ next day at breakfast. My favorite way of eating catchupa

"Catchupa refogod"_ next day at breakfast. My favorite way of eating catchupa


Beefy Tomato Macaroni Soup from Hot Eats and Cool Reads! This is the perfect soup to warm you up on a cold winter day! 2 cartons beef broth, freshly ground peppercorn and Mrs. dash extra spicy instead of steak seasoning.

Cook Guru | Cape Verdean Cuisine: Cachupa Rica (Rich Cachupa)

Ingredients: - pieces of chicken - pieces of cow meat - 1 pig's foot - 1 pork blood sausage - 1 farinheira (pork sausage made of flou.

Portuguese white bean and kale soup is such a classic. It's traditionally made with linguica sausage, so it might be hard to convince purists that a vegetarian version could be just as good. (Or

Portuguese Kale & White Bean Soup - healthy and filing, this looks like a great recipe for fall


Thanks for posting this one. Linguica, Braised in Red Wine. Good mixed with scrambled eggs, and especially good as a sandwich in a french roll! Better than chorizo any day.

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I LOVE rice pudding. Not so much the thin, out of-the-can gloop, no, I love the home-made stuff that slowly fills the house with a warm, sugary scent long before it’s ready to eat. So, when Expedia got in touch and asked me to take part …

Arroz Doce (Portuguese rice pudding

Arroz Doce (Portuguese rice pudding) Recipe on Yummly

Cachupa tradicional de Cabo-Verde | Criola Cozinha

English version below ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ Hoje apresento-vos a Cachupa…

A vegan version of cachupa, Cape Verde's national dish. Mods: used a combination of mayocoba and navy beans; regular green cabbage; canned tomatoes. I hate peeling acorn squash, so I roasted it. Used smoked paprika and added some pimentos and tomato paste with it. Also added bay leaves and cayenne. Put some liquid smoke in after cooking. Made a LOT.

Peasants Cachupa (Cachupa Pobre) Vegan

Peasants Cachupa (Cachupa Pobre) - A hominy, beans, potatoes, acorn squash, and cabbage vegan stew.

Arroz Doce – Portuguese Rice Pudding

Arroz Doce- Portuguese Rice cups water 1 lemon peel 2 Tbsp Butter (salted or unsalted- I prefer salted) Tsp salt 1 cup short grain rice (I like italian style, but not arborio) 2 cups very hot milk 1 cups sugar 5 egg yolks Cinnamon for garnish

Portuguese Tomato Rice - also known as Arroz de Tomate.  A simple and delicious rice dish that is a favorite recipe from Portugal!

Portuguese Tomato Rice (Arroz de Tomate)

Portuguese Tomato Rice - also known as Arroz de Tomate. A simple and delicious rice dish that is a favorite recipe from Portugal! Try this with Sarita Rice!

Jag -Portuguese beans and rice This is another regular at my house.  Kids love this! When my husband brought this to work all of his college aged interns wanted the recipe and now they still bring it to work.    4 -5 cups water    2 -2 1/2 cups white rice    2 large bay leaves    2 package linguica sausage     1 tablespoon tomato paste (I've used ketchup in a pinch)    1 large can of red kidney beans 40.5 oz drained    1 tablespoon garlic, minced (I've used powdered)  Directions    Fry…

Dirty Rice has one of those food names that sounds a bit odd. And though its name does describe its brown appearance, the flavors are pure Mardi Gras perfection!

Portuguese Favas Recipe - Easy Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Favas Recipe - Easy Portuguese Recipes - I Cook Different

My Cocina, My Kitchen: Mexican Picadillo

Mexican Picadillo Ingredients: lean ground beef 2 medium russet potatoes, peeled and diced into cubes cup yellow onion, diced fine inchor.

Cachupa - National dish of Cape Verde. Stew filled with hominy, beans and meat of fish, sausage, beef, goat or chicken.

Best of Cape Verde food : Cachupa !

Portuguese Steamed Clams Recipe Appetizers, Main Dishes with clams, chorizo, onion, diced tomatoes, white wine, olive oil

Portuguese Steamed Clams

Portuguese Steamed Clams recipe/used portuguese sausage instead of chorizo

Caldo Verde: Portuguese Kale Soup

Caldo Verde: Portuguese Kale Soup

The Balanced Diet: Portuguese Kale Soup (Caldo Verde) with Linguica and Cherry Tomatoes