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Because it never mattered that they were fictional, and we'd never truly meet them. They live within our hearts, and if that's not family, I don't know what is. "Family don't end in blood." Fandom means family in some weird way

be honest you didn't just read this you sang it

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I loved this song way before Supernatural - Carry On My Wayward Son There'll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry no

Tell me about it

Tell me about it


Baby Castiel with Gabriel WELL THEN effing he'll to the no with the feels

I love those two!

Jared and jensen are the best!

Love it, love it, love it !!!cf. ❤/  !!! I don't have a pie moji for Dean so it will have to be a cheese burger & beer!!!

[GIFSET] You know Hellatus has really gotten you when you start pinning stuff like this!

Supernatural fandom

"Can I tickle you from the inside?" is now the creepiest sentence I've ever heard. *stares deeply into your eyes with a smile* "Can I tickle you on the inside? Your shirts are comfortable.

There's more to Dean than meets the eye. Although, what meets the eye is pretty fucking hot!

There's more to Dean than meets the eye. Although, what meets the eye is pretty fucking hot!

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So true tho

Moose, tiger, crow

Here, we see the moose confused. Suddenly the moose is distracted by a ray of light. And here is the moose being interrupted by an angry tiger. A very angry tiger. The crow seems pleased 《But Dean's a squirrel!

Welcome to the land of Denial. Our national anthem is called Nopenopenope, and we sing it all hours of day.

Nope nope nope not ok with this!

No pie for Sammy cause Dean ate it all

This will be my last Supernatural pin. for today. I pinky swear! I really couldn't help myself this time though! :(<<< this is true lol. Now I want some pie!

This show is everything

This show is everything

Lol I loved how Jensen looked so scared XD

Levi-Cas was some scary stuff. Just another reason Misha is perfect. Those acting skills tho.<< This creeps the f outta me<< Misha's A+ acting skills

You don't understand I need pie  Cas

That poor kid.

Lmfao true!!

This is so true! Jensen hasn't changed a bit! I want Jared to cut his hair, it's longer than mine!<--- I love how when you see a supernatural pic/gif you can totally tell what season its from biased on Sam's hair